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Wax Melts

Quart Mason Jar Electric Tart Warmer
This warmer also comes with matching lid, to double as a jar light and comes with a few samples of soy wax melts.
Mason jar warmers are $36 each / shipped in the US.

Clamshell Wax Melts - $3.99 each
The clamshell wax melts are a 6 cube cavity. Simply breakaway and pop one cube into any wax warmer.
I always throw in a couple extra wax melts (seen below) because shipping charges are never fun to pay. 

Click Here to view descriptions of scentz.

Grungy Pumpkin Tarts $2.00 each
Pumpkin Souffle Scent

1 oz Wax Melts
(Kettle Korn and Pumpkin Soufflé shown above)
Each soy wax melt is hand poured into a 1oz portion cup. These wax melts come as a set of two for $1.25. Simply pop the wax melt out of portion cup and place into any wax warmer.

Click Here to view descriptions of scentz.

Cart does not figure shipping. Shipping will be added to credit card, or if paying by PayPal you will be sent an invoice for additional shipping charges before shipment.

Shipping for Clamshell and Grungy Pumpkins:
1 clamshell: $3.00
2 - 3 clamshells: $3.60

Shipping for wax melts:
1-5 wax melts $3.00
5-10 wax melts $3.60

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